dilluns, 22 de juliol de 2013

kids' class July 2013

Let's practise the vocabulary seen in class these weeks:

  • family words: click here  and here
  • parts of the body: Listen to the song first. Click here. Now, some activities: click here  and here
  • numbers: click here
  • days of the week and  months: click here and here

Do these activities for homework:
  1. Click here (escriu a un full els ingredients que li has posat i dibuixa la pizza)
  2. Click here
  3. A game for you. Click here
See you next week.

Ann and Claire

Do these activities: 

  • click here. Comment the video with the others. Try to do the comprehension activities.
  • Click here (opposites test)
  • Click here.(find the job game)
  • click here (listen to the song and fill in the gaps)

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