dilluns, 29 de juliol de 2013

summer class, last week July.

For Paula, Jordi and Angela. :

  • Click here (memory game fruits)
  • Click here (spin off basic)
  • Click here (food and drinks catapult game)
  • Click here (body parts game)
For Claire and Anne.
  • Click here (fortune wheel : jobs, places and tools)
  • Click here (verbs opposites game)
  • Click here (fast hands game)
  • Click here Signs. Reading comprehension.
  • To do at home. Click here
For Esther, Santi and Ariel
  • Listening comprehension. Click here (listen and then try to think and prepare for next day your ideas about what would you do in your city/area/village if you were the major)
  • Game. Vocabulary. Click here (antonyms, synonyms adjectives)
  • Reading Comprehension.Click here (choose a reading comprehension of grade 4, do the activities and next day explain what the text is about to your classmates)
That's all for today. See you !

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