dimecres, 20 de març de 2013

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 22nd March 2013

Let's start the last evaluation working on phonetics, writing and modals.

Modal verbs. First, read the explanations and then you can do the exercises.If you want, you can take notes in your notebook. Maybe they can be useful for your next exam.

  1. Explanations and exercises: click here (explanation +quiz. Do it, to check if you remember the values and meanings of the different modal verbs.

  • Another explanation now: click here. (modal verbs separated according to meanings. Here you can also find the modal verbs in past. Read the explanations carefully and do the exercises online
  • Rewriting sentences: click here (you have the solutions to check ),  click here too
Well, I think it's enough for today. Let's check other contents.
  • WRITING: Click here (do the activities about the reading and , at home, AS HOMEWORK FOR EASTER HOLIDAYS, do a composition with the same title giving your opinion on the topic.
  • WRITING. CLick here (error correction)How many mistakes can you find?

PHONETICS. Remember the different sounds in the English alphabet. Click here.
ODD ONE OUT. Click here   and here.  Click also here (do the exercise first, and then check the answers-2nd page).

That's all for today. See you after Easter holidays.

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