dimarts, 12 de març de 2013

1st Eso, 21stMarch (1C) and 27th March-1B

For those students who have finished all the activities you have some activities to do today.
1. Let's check the contents you failed in the exam. Copy the mistakes in the little notebook in all the exercises.
a) Revision exercise. Click here
b) another exercise.Click here

IN/ON/AT time prepositions. Click here .
ORDINAL NUMBERS AND DATES: click here and here

Questions and short answers in present simple. Click here  and here (in this last exercise copy in the little notebook questions of sentences 2,4,6,8,10.
FOR FAST LEARNERS. (Sofía, Marina, Míriam, Noemi, Sofía, Martina, Adrián,...)

It is not necessary you do the revision exercises. Do only the exercise on TIME Prepositions and then do these activities:

1. TREASURE HUNT. Try to answer these questions about Justin Timberlake. Click here. Give it to the teacher to be corrected.

2. Game. Enjoy with this game. Click here. Choose the level you think is right for you.

That's all for today.

FOR Manolo, Dani M., Dani J., Rafa M., Marcos, Jesús...

Activities to do:
1) click here.   and here (days and months)
2) Click here (fes tota la unitat. Copia al quadernet les explicacions.)
3) Fes aquest exercici ara. Click here  and here

I per acabar, clica aquí. (memory game- numbers 1 to 20)  and here (words related to school matching exercise). Copìa al quadernet les paraules de l'escola en anglès i tradueix-les al català o espanyol.

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