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4th B, Monday 26th April 2010.

To start with you'll practise some translation with these sentences.

Write them in your notebook, so you'll have them as model for the exam:

a) Si jo fos ric, viatjaria per arreu del món.

b) Si demà plou, no podrem anar a jugar a tenis.

c) Quam m'estava dutxant, va sonar el teléfon.

d) Acab d'arribar . Vaig a dormir, estic realment cansat.

e) Mira aquells núvols! plourà.

f) Jo crec que tu seràs una persona important en el futur.

g) Qué duus posat ara?- Duc una camiseta verda i uns vaqueros negres.

h) A qui veres tu ahir?- Vaig veure al meu oncle Toni.

i) Hurry up, Laura! Luis is waiting for you at the bus stop.

j) She was doing her homework when the computer crashed.

k) She's already done her bed but she hasn't tidied her room yet.

l) If Maria won the lottery, I'm sure she would share the money with her family.

To continue, you can practise unit seven contents in this web and here too.

Now, a song with second conditional and money vocabulary if you want to listen to it. Click here. (lyrics) and the video ( taken from the film Mamma Mia). The original song was written by Abba.

Any time left, do internet activities of your reading book or ask doubts and questions to the teacher about the reading book. You have three weeks to finish the activities.
Have a nice session. See you in two weeks.

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