diumenge, 18 d’abril de 2010

2nd F/2nd G Thur. 22nd/ Fri 23rd April.

Reading Comprehension: 1 ( vocabulary there is/are + parts of the home)

Revision exercises: 1 (irreg. verbs), 2 ( time expressions), 3 ( present simple or continuous), 4 ( past simple in questions), 5 ( order the words to make questions).

Vocabulary unit 6: 1 .

You are going to do a mini project on line now. Pay attention to the instructions.
Links to use for vocabulary: click here or here. For a dictionary, click here

  • Start a document (word or open office). You can work individually or in pairs.
  • Write at least eight different kinds of rooms with their definition ( look in exercise 1 link or in the links I give to you), a photo of at least five of them( search in internet) and in each photo write a sentence There is/ There are with the objects you can see there.
  • Go to the folder alumnat, to departament de llengües estrangeres, look for your group and write a name for the document : House practice/ Name and surname/ . Keep it in your group folder.( 2nf/2nG)
Optional: you can add a photo of your home or of a part of your home and describe it.

That's all for today. See you next week.

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