dissabte, 30 de maig de 2015

Unit 8. 3rd of Eso.

Let's practise with unit 8 contents for the exam.

  • List of vocabulary for the city.  Click here  (list of words + an exercise at the bottom).      Click here (test).         Click here
  • Places: click here (quiz).    Click here (vocabulary. Choose the right place).  Click here (shops crossword)      Click here (stores and public buildings)
  • Directions. Click here,     click   here (test, useful phrases and expressions in dialogues for directions).    Click    here(follow the route),     click   here (listening/reading with questions. As in the exam).      
  •   Click here (asking and giving directions/ TO DO IN THE NOTEBOOK (MAP AND DIALOGUE)
  • Verbs related to transport. Click here.   Click also   here (video and words. COPY THE SENTENCES ABOUT TRANSPORT IN YOUR NOTEBOOK- TO STUDY FOR THE EXAM).
  • Present perfect.  Click here  (USES AND EXERCISES. COPY the uses and one example of each in your NOTEBOOK). Do some of the practice exercises.
  • For or since:  Click here (explanation for,since ago and quiz at the end of the page. Do it)
  • Just, already, yet: click here (explanation).   Click here (a brief explanation and an exercise).  Click here (order the words in the sentences-- IN YOUR NOTEBOOK:
  • Mixed exercise past simple or present perfect? :  click here (standard/high level)  or  here (low level).
Other exercises and fun stuff.
- Reading comprehension:  click  here .
- Song: We are the champions Click here (exercises)  and   here (official video). Do you like the song?
- Game activities:  click  here (crossword present perfect vs past simple).   Click here (spin off game)

- Curiosities: records. Click here .    Click here
An interesting biography. Click here (Brad Pitt. Text and exercises)
- A video of tv show scenes to see the use of present perfect:  click  here

diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015

Unit 7. 3rd Eso level

Let's check the contents of the unit.

VOCABULARY. Click here,   click here (moonshot space game),   click here (pictures, listening to words),  click here (information and images about space, galaxies, the sun...). Choose a topic and write a short composition in your notebook. Then, give it to the teacher.

What about superstitions? Click here.- choose 5 curious superstitions and write them in your notebook. Translate them into Spanish or Catalan.

Superstitions exercise. Click here. What is a superstition? Write the answer to this question and answer the questions on the last exercise (in your notebook). The other exercises are to be done online.

will or going to? Click here ,   here,    here   and   here
Other future forms? Click here    and    here.
First conditional sentences. Click here ,    click here,   
click   here

READING COMPREHENSION. Click here Do the activities in your notebook (answer the questions on the reading)

LISTENING. Click here (choose a song, listen to it and do the activities on it)

SLIDESHARE ABOUT  FUTURE TENSES. Click here  . Explanation uses of WILL and Going To. Click here

A video now. A possible future. Do you think what appears in the video will be possible in a next future?  Click here to watch the video. Another interesting video about our future. Click here.

Fun stuff. Games, cultural activities, curiosities. 
  • Click here (choose a game to play9
  • Click here ( be fast to put all the food items in the shopping cart before the time finishes)
  • Click here (spin off game)
  • click here (a mystery. Reading with questions to answer. Optional as an extra activity)
  • Click here (game on British culture. Try not to lose all the points!!)

That's all for today. See you in class.

Unit 7 activities. 1st ESO level

Let's start with vocabulary exercises of this unit.
         and   click  here (mixed forms)

  • Click here   
  • Click here

  • Click here ( London Quiz)
  • Click here (sports quiz)
  • Memory game. Click here (Food memory game)
  • spin off game. Click here (beginner level)
  • Fling the teacher game. Present continuous. Click here
  • game Fast Hands. Choose a topic and enjoy. Click here
That's all for today. See you in class.