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2nd Eso C/D. Week 14th to 18th October 2013

Let's check different contents today. Follow the instructions given.

1. Grammar:
  • possessive genitive and possessive adjectives: Click here  and here. Copy 5 sentences in total of these two exercises. Saxon genitive now: click here (copy the rules and one example of each rule). Now do this exercise and copy the mistakes. Click here.
  • Verb to be and have got together. Click here. Do the exercise. Copy the mistakes. OPTIONAL HOMEWORK:DRAW A MONSTER AND DESCRIBE IT AS YOU HAVE DONE IN THIS LAST EXERCISE:
  • Questions and answers. Match and copy two questions and answers in your notebook. Click here.
2. Reading.
  - Click here. Read the text and do the two exercises on-line. Copy the new words in your notebook.

3. Vocabulary.
  •  Likes and dislikes.Do the activities in this little book. Do also the listening exercises and then write the scores you have got in the different activities. Click here
  • belongings and furniture in a bedroom + there is/there are. Click here. Write the names of these things in English in your notebook: coixí, paret, estant, ordenat/-a, raqueta.
4. Listening.
  •  Listen and answer the questions.Click here. Write the 5 questions and answers of the second exercise in your notebook. That's all for today.
A game to finish if you have extra time. Click here

See you next week.

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