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2nd Bachiller B, Friday 14th December 2012

Let's check the different contents of these three months. Don't forget to do the activities in the paper and give them to the teacher at the end of the class. There are many contents for you to do this week and next week in the last session of the year. For next week, you can finish some of these activities and I will simply add some cultural activities on Christmas.
I recommend you to take notes and write some examples in your notebook.

To do the activities referred to the order of adjectives, you have these links to help you. It is important to remember the right order of adjectives before nouns as it is normal in English to have more than one:

  • Click here (rules and examples)
  • Click here (rules and exercises to practise)
Grammar contents:
  • click here (common mistakes. Choose the right answer and take it into account)
  • click here (conditionals)
  • click here (passive theory and exercises. Do different kind of exercises)
  • click here. (change into passive. Pay attention to the last ones)
  • click here (passive with modal verbs)
  • click here (wishes)
  • Click here (have sth. done- explanation, examples and an easy exercise to start with)
  • Click here (an exercise with - have something done)
  • Click here (get something done exercises)
  • Click here (impersonal passive)
  • Click here (test on verbal tenses)
  • Click here (word order test)
Typical mistakes you do in compositions. Some examples for you:
  • click here (tips and explanations of typical mistakes)
  • click here (`the´  or omission of it)

Vocabulary. Mix of different exercises for you to improve your vocabulary:
  • click here (synonyms, verbs)
  • click here (word formation verbs into nouns)
  • click here (text on law. Complete with the words given)
  • click here (verbs, opposites)
  • click here (similar or opposite?)
  • click here (phrasal verbs)
  • click here (phrasal verbs intermediate level)
  • click here (opposites)
Reading and Writing
  • Click here. (a five questions test. Good luck!)
  • click here (try to complete these text).  Or if it is too difficult, do this one. Click here
  • click here (click on the different sounds in English. Read the examples. Write down notes in your notebook if you want)
  • click  here (read and do the exercises without having a look at the answer)
A game to finish.
  • Click here (in this game it is necessary to know how you pronounce the different letters of the alphabet in English)
  • Click here (preffix game)
That's all for today. See you next w

Click in the numbers for the different activities:

  • 1 ( All I want for christmas is you. A very good carol with a nice message, not a consumist one. )
  • 2 (A reading and listening about Christmas celebration in England. At the end of the page, click on the link to do the quiz)
  • 3 (Christmas puzzle)
  • 4 ( a quiz on-line. How many questions did you answer  correctly?)
  • 5 (a christmas flashmob video)
  • 5 ( Madagascar penguins special video episode to have fun. Try to undestand what they say)
Merry Christmas to everybody. Relax and get ready to work hard next year!


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