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2nd Bachiller A/C. Monday 16th April 2012

Today, you can start doing these tasks to be given to the teacher at the end of the class. These exercises are similar to the ones in the exam or they will be useful for you to check different contents.
A. Correct the mistakes in these sentences:
  1. He's so a nice person that I admire him very much!
  2. I can't meet you this afternoon because I'm geting my hair doing.
  3. My mother borned in January 1952.
  4. She must has worked all night to finishing his essay.
  5. He had been studying all night and he was being exausted the next dai.
  6. If I'm you, I'd buy those car.

B. Choose the correct alternative:
  1. I saw your cousin yesterday. ' That's not possible. You MUST/CAN'T/MUSTN'T/SHOULDN'T have seen him because he isn't in the city these days.
  2. I CAN/WILL BE ABLE TO/MUST  drive when I'm 18.
  3. If you want to pas your exam you  HAD BETTER TO/SHOULD/MIGHT  study harder.
  4. Where shall we meet? - We COULD/MUST/CAN'T/SHOULD meet at the bus stop.
  5. It is not necessary to tidy your room now. You CAN'T/NEEDN'T TO/NEEDN'T/MUSTN'T  tidy it till later.

C. Write a synonym for these words:
   a) Disconnect ____________     d) elegant_____________  g) as well ____________
   b) cramped __________            e) hate   ______________  h) intelligent __________
   c) good-looking ________ _       f) honest _____________   i) store ___________

D) Odd one out:
    1. a) neck       b) kick    c) chemist     d) knee
    2. a) uniform   b) under   c) useful       d) year
    3. a) focused   b) recorded  c) invited   d) waited
    4. a) decades   b) schools    c) parents  d) emotions.

Now, you can continue with the activities you couldn't finish last time you were on the computer lab. Click here. ( this session has not been done by 2nd Bachiller C students, so you can do it now)

If you want, I leave you some more varied exercises for you to do:

    Passives:  1 (it is a PDF document, so you can't do it on-line. It is optional for you.),  2 ( these exercises have the clues there, for you to check your mistakes)
   Varied exercises:  1 ( theory on concessive connectors. Take notes in your notebook),  2 (connectors exercise/ aprox. 25 minutes to do it),  3 (connectors exercise),  4 ( conditionals),   5 ( I WISH/ IF ONLY exercises)

Vocabulary:  1 ( personality exercises),  2 ( phrasal verbs with LOOK),  3 ( adjectives + prep.)

That's all for today. See you next session.

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