diumenge, 29 de novembre de 2009

2nd Batxiller B, Tuesday 1st December 09

Today you are going to work with conditional sentences, passive voice and some phonetics to start.
In the next web you can practise conditional sentences and also passive sentences:

Exercises on conditionals: 1( do the exercises 3 and 4 and also the exercises on passive 1 and 2),
Next, you can use this web to do exercises with `I wish`, conditionals and passive (exerc 1 and 2) and any other contents you want to reinforce.
Web: http://www.bergen.edu/library/learning/english/grtopics.html
It's time to start with phonetics. Have a look at this web:
http://www.ompersonal.com.ar/omphonetics/contenidotematico.htm. Write down the different vocalic sounds and add some examples of each.
That's all for today.

4th B Eso, Monday 30th November 09

Today you are going to do a `treasure hunt´. You have some questions and some links for you to find the answers.
Choose one of these possibilities. Copy the questions and answers in a sheet of paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the class.

First option
( Thanksgiving, an American festivity)
Second option ( a trip to London)
Third option (what do you know about love?)
Fourth option ( Braveheart)

If you have extra time you can do these activities: 1, 2, 3.
Enjoy the session.

diumenge, 15 de novembre de 2009

1st Eso C, Wednesday 18th November 09

Hi, everybody. Avui farem activitats per reforçar el tema 2 que hem fet a classe.Recordau de fer ús del quadern quan sigui necessari i posar-hi la dat d'avui.

Present simple: Mira el video atentament.

Ara escriu al quadern cinc frases sobre coses que fas tu durant la setmana i cinc frases més sobre algú de la teva família.
Ves a aquesta web i fes els exercicis telling the time, els dels mesos (1,2) i els de grammar (1,2,3).
Reading comprehension: 1 (escriu les respostes al teu quadern).

Si te sobra temps pots fer aquestes activitats extra: 1, 2.

Thursday 19th nov 2ndF/ Fri. 20th Nov 2ndG 2009

Hi, everybody. I want you to read the instructions carefully and do the activities. Use your notebook when necessary.

Present simple vs present continuous: 1, 2 (copia dos exercicis del test al quadern), 3

Present continuous. Look at this video. What's happening? Write at least 5 sentences about what's happening in 4 of these different situations. Use the present continuous form.

Descriptions: 1 (copy two of the descriptions in your notebook and the missing words in the song), 2(fes l'apartat de vocabulary, reading and the game. Copia les paraules de descripció noves al quadern).

Revision activities and funny activities if you have time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
That's all for today. folks. See you next week.

diumenge, 8 de novembre de 2009

4th Eso B/ Monday 16th November

Today we are going to check different contents:
You'll have to use your notebook. Write the date and the name of the activity.
past simple vs past continuous: 1, 2, 3.

Used to: 1, 2

Vocabulary: 1 ( the city and the country. Copy two columns in your notebook and distribute the different words and phrases in the suitable column), 2 (personality adjectives wordsearch)

Reading comprehension: 1,( write the answers to the questions in your notebook), 2 , 3 (complete the activities :listenig comprehension/interview) and send it to the teacher.

Other activities: 1(crossword on adjectives, opposites), 2

1st C, Wednesday 11th November

Today you are going to do a Treasure Hunt ( Recerca del tresor. Tens unes preguntes per contestar i unes webs on cercar la informació per poder contestar les preguntes.)

Copy the questions and answers in a sheet of paper and give it to your teacher at the end of the class.
This is the treasure hunt for you. You'll learn new and interesting aspects.

Recorda donar la tasca al professor al final de la nota, ja que posaré una nota sobre l'activitat feta.
See you next week.

2nd Eso F/ Thursday 12th November

Today you are going to work on a treasure hunt. Read the instructions carefully and answer the questions finding the answers in the webs given.

Choose one of these treasure hunts .
Write the questions and answers in your notebook:
Treasure hunt . Justin Timberlake.
Treasure hunt. Michael Jackson.

When you finish give the activity to your teacher to be corrected.

Any time left, go to this web to do the activities on present continuous.
That's all for today. See you next week.

4th eso B. Monday 9th November 09

Today you are going to work on the UK. You must answer these questions in your notebook. Find the information in these webs:
1. The UK.
2. Travelling to English speaking countries. Images and information.
3 Information on different aspects of the UK.
4. Select the country you need. You can find photos and information to help you tomorrow in your oral outcome.

Now, do the different quizzes based on the information learnt here and in class last day:

Questions to answer:
Answer the following questions in the quizzes.

Write notes on your notebook about the information in the quizzes.

It's time to work on some English aspects. Choose three of the headings here and write a short text (75-100 words) in your notebook about it.


Now, have a look at a video where English people answer a questionnaire about English language and culture. That's all for today.

English speaking countries.

Today we are going to work on English speaking countries in the world.

First, to start, search in this web the different English speaking countries that are in the different continents. Write in your notebook a list with a minimum of two or three of them of each continent.

Next, choose one to work on it. You may find information in these webs:
wikipedia, english speaking countries information on geography, more information on significant countries, this web about tourist sites in different countries.
Information on UK countries.

ow work on your project with your classmate. Ask any doubt to the teacher. Remember not to copy from Internet, use it only to find information.

Actions happening now/ Sessió PDI

Per tal de conéixer la formació del present continuu anirem a aquest enllaç.
Passarem a aquest altre enllaç on trobem la formació del present continuu. Farem l'exercici que hi surt i continuarem amb més pràctica sobre les frases . Diferents alumnes completaran les frases afirmatives. Ara passem a les negatives i a les interrogatives.
Fem un exercici amb dibuixos i short answers.
Passem a fer unes activitats lúdiques:
video de you tube ( The Simpsons explain you the form and use of present continuous)

Activity 2: puzzle (game on present continuous).

2nd F. Thursday 12th November 09

Hi everybody. Today we are going to work with contents of this unit again, to practise and be conscious of your mistakes. Don't forget to ask your teacher for doubts....

dimarts, 3 de novembre de 2009

Thursday 5th Nov, Friday 6th Nov. 2nd F/2nd G

We've finished Halloween week but I want you to know about the story of Halloween, so go to this web page and do the reading comprehension activity about Halloween and the vocabulary activities 1, 3 on Halloween. Maybe next year in the Halloween quiz you'll get a better score.

Next, do the activities on present continuous that are here

During the session you will be called to do the oral exam. Don't get nervous and do your best.

Remember to write in your notebook the date, this heading: computer's room session and the reading comprehension questions and answers.

Any time left, you can do this activity on clothes
See you next week and learn a lot.

Wednesday 4th November. 1stC

Ja hem passat Halloween i ara toca fer feina. Avui faras les següents tasques seguint les instruccions que et donaré. Quan cliquis a la següent web, ves adalt a l'esquerra on posa Politècnic. Cerca el nivell de 1er d'Eso i ves al tema 1. Fes els dos exercicis de majúscules que hi ha i passa al tema 2. Fes tots els continguts, al menys tres exercicis de cada. Copia al quadern almenys una frase de cada exercici. Aquesta és la web

Important: recorda escriure al quadern la data d'avui i Computer's room session perque sino a l'hora de corregir el quaden és un embolic per mi.

Si et sobra temps pots fer aquesta activitat.(els mesos.joc tipus tetrik).
Això és tot per avui. See you next week.