diumenge, 8 de novembre de 2009

4th eso B. Monday 9th November 09

Today you are going to work on the UK. You must answer these questions in your notebook. Find the information in these webs:
1. The UK.
2. Travelling to English speaking countries. Images and information.
3 Information on different aspects of the UK.
4. Select the country you need. You can find photos and information to help you tomorrow in your oral outcome.

Now, do the different quizzes based on the information learnt here and in class last day:

Questions to answer:
Answer the following questions in the quizzes.

Write notes on your notebook about the information in the quizzes.

It's time to work on some English aspects. Choose three of the headings here and write a short text (75-100 words) in your notebook about it.


Now, have a look at a video where English people answer a questionnaire about English language and culture. That's all for today.

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