diumenge, 17 de gener de 2016

2nd Bachiller-phonetics and linkers

Let's start with phonetics today.

  • Click here to see the phonetic sounds in English.
  • Click here for information and different possibilities of activities with sounds. (Cambridge)
  • Click here to start with  exercises on phonetics.Start with vowels and continue with the other ones.
  • Click here to try to do this exercise. Odd one out.
  • Click here to try to do this quiz.
  • Click here. How to pronounce the plurals.(-s/-es)

Linkers of contrast. Other linkers.
  • Click here to see different linkers of contrast and others in English. Pay attention to see if they are followed by comma, by a sentence...
  • Click here for examples.
  • Click here for rephrasings. Click also here and choose the right answer.
  • More rephrasings here. There are also other exercises for you to check: modals,relative clauses...
conditionals + I wish.

  • Theory and exercises. Click here
  •                                     Click also here. (2nd bachiller exercises, also the use of I wish)
  •                                     Click here (all kind of exercises to practise. Level 2nd Bachiller)

To check and useful documents if you want to use them. Click here

Other webs to practise alone, at home, with possibility for autocorrection.

Click here
Click also here (useful for bachillerato, 1st and second level of Bachillerato)

That's all for today. Enjoy the sesión.