dilluns, 30 de juny de 2014

Summer session 2nd Eso

Grammar contents for the exam:

  • present simple practice. Click here . Check affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.
  • present continuous. Click here,    here,      and     here(present simple vs present continuous)
  • past simple tense. click here (explanation and exercises), here,   and   here
  • past continuous. Click here,    here    and   here(past simple or past continuous). Interrogative form: here.
  • comparative and superlative forms. Click here   and    here.  Click also here   and  here.
(pels qui teniu 1r d'eso pendent o heu tret una nota molt  baixa vos aconsell aquestes webs: web to practise general exercises and vocabulary. click here,   here   and    here

  • Click here (adjectives, opposites)   and  here.
  • Click here (everyday objects vocabulary


Have a nice summer and I hope this will be useful for you.