dilluns, 23 de març de 2009

split lesson. 3rd C. Thursday, 26th March 09

Today we'll start working on unit seven , with the present perfect in interrogative form. Now try to do this one too. And this one contrasting present perfect and past simple. It's time to do a test on irregular verbs. Now, we'll continue with another exercise( a crossword on verbs) and this trivia quiz.
Now, you can practise your reading comprehension on a text about Leo di Caprio. And now it is time for entertainment with this game and this activity (space game).
Any time left, do this exercise ( have a look at the Australia zoo web, copy the names of 4 specific and strange animals that there are in the zoo and the kind of animals they are).

split lesson 1st D eso. Tuesday 24th March 09

Avui seguirem repassant coses variades per tal que no se vos faci l'hora pesada. Primer veurem si recordau el verb `have got' ,
a continuació seguirem amb el `there is/ there are
i amb els plurals,
amb el present simple
i ara anirem al vocabulari de mesos, dies i estacions.
I per acabar uns quants jocs d'entreteniment( un sobre naus espacials,
una sopa de lletres sobre menjar,
un memory de colors .
i ara un altre joc( escriure paraules usant jeroglífics).
Es tot per avui.

split lesson. 4thE Monday 23rd March 09

Today, we'll start working with contents of unit 6. To start with, we'll work with `will´
and `going to'.
You can practise it better with these exercises
and these ones.
Copy in your notebook the different uses and one example of each use for you to remember.
Now, you can practise vocabulary based on nature and read about the climate(copy on your notebook the main problems that the Earth has which are mentioned there). Now,go to the `links folder´and practise with the vocabulary about the environment. Choose both textbooks of 4th Eso. Copy the words in the notebook and translate them into Catalan or Spanish. Any time left, you can do the vocabulary game there.

diumenge, 8 de març de 2009

Split lesson 1stEsoD, Tuesday 10th March

Avui farem un poc de tot, incluits jocs.
Primer, començarem amb gramàtica: present simple, direccions , possessive adjectives .
Ara seguirem amb vocabulari de la ciutat, repàs de menjar amb un pair game.
I ara farem different jocs útils per aprendre vocabulari en anglès:un crucigrama de nombres del deu al vint, un ahorcat dels mesos, un joc amb imatges d'animals i un joc com el de l'altre dia, la casa encantada.
Esper que hagiu tengut un bon entreteniment. Fins aviat.

dissabte, 7 de març de 2009

split lesson 4thesoE Monday 9th March 09

Today, you´ll start with the exercises you didn't have time to finish last week. You can also do these exercise on comparatives. Now, you´ll check some vocabulary. We'll also ensure you can use `for´ and `since´.
It´s time to check verbal tenses and words written wrongly in this letter. Did you find all the mistakes?Now, go out of the blog, select the `links´ folder and do the exercises of unit 5 to check for the exam. I hope you have a good result if you deserve it.

diumenge, 1 de març de 2009

Split lesson, 4th E. Monday 2nd March 2009.

Today we'll work with a `Treasure Hunt´ to improve your reading skills and make your brain work. At the end, the last ten minutes, you can do the `challenge test to your senses´ that you couldn' t do last week because you had no time to do it.
This is the `Treasure Hunt ´to work with. Copy the questions in a sheet of paper and write the answers. Give the activity to the teacher to be marked when you finish.
If you want, you can also do this activity to check comparatives.
Remember to write the name in the sheet of paper you give to your teacher.
See you next week.